LPC1768 debugging and programing setup

Hi I am fairly new to embedded systems beyond arduino. I have been struggling over the past few days to get setup on the lpc1768 with a proper debugging environment. I have used mbed studio to flash to the board, but pyocd fails to boot on my mac. playing around with pyocd I discovered it gets stuck waiting for a debugging probe to connect. I’m a little confused around all the terminology I know jtag is a debugging interface and looking at the data sheet for the LPC1768 it seems to be included. I am a little fuzzy on what CMSIS-DAP is, but it seems to be included in the LPC1768. Is a usb to usb mini connected to the LPC1768 enough for a debug setup? Right now I am trying to get it working with gnu mcu for eclipse. What debugger should I be using if I can’t get pyocd working and why might it not be working? Thanks

Hi Derek,
I believe this handbook would have the information you need.
Have you run the pyocd gdbserver?
Mbed Support

Yes, I’ve went through the handbook multiple times, as it turns out my problem was I had to run sudo pyocd-gdbserver in terminal before pyocd would work. I am now having problems with pyocd flashing the board, but I believe that’s a problem with pyocd, so I have asked a question on GitHub. Thanks