LPC1768 Program does not RUN when Keil Studio is used

I am using mbed board (LPC1768) with Mbed Studio. When building mbed-os-example-blinky-baremetal I see that an error “compiler generates FPUinstructions for a device without an FPU”. I select RUN program it seems it builds but it does not run on mbed board. Board is detected by Keil Studio as “mbed LPC1768” and connected to it but the program does not run on the board.

What is the problem?

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Hi @Atoussa_Tehrani ,

I’m not sure about the ‘FPU instructions for a device without an FPU’, that’s not something I can reproduce. I can confirm however that the LPC1768 is not currently supported for flashing or debugging in Keil Studio. This is a known issue. We are actively working on a fix, although I’m afraid I don’t have a timeline for it at the moment.

Hope that helps.

Carey - Studio Team

Hello @Carey_Williams ,

very interesting. This is nothing new and it was reported many times from November 2021. Also still without any reaction from Studio team.

BR, Jan

Hi @Atoussa_Tehrani,

Running a program on LPC1768 should work correctly in Mbed Studio. It does not work only in Keil Studio Cloud (we are working on a new firmware for LPC1768 to enable it).
We will do more checks. In the meantime can you please check also an mbed-os-example-blinky? I wonder if the problem is connected with baremetal.

Arek - Studio team

This issue you see on LPC1768 is a false positive from C/C++ intellisense. We are building a new version of clangd with better Arm Compiler 6 support. It will resolve this problem.