Mbed Studio support for LPC1114?

Hi. This could be just a conceptual thing - like I’m missing the bigger picture at the moment - but I’m having trouble getting an LPC1114 to work with Mbed Studio 1.2.


I can select the chip as a target, and Mbed Studio sees the chip, but the simple default “blinky” program causes a firmware fault and the dreaded fast/slow blink on LED1. I know the LPC1114 is an older chip with not enough flash to support RTOS, as mentioned in the LPC1114 support page, but does that mean I can’t use the Mbed Studio suite at all to write for this chip? I notice the online compiler works well enough; using the old mbed 2 format, it appears. If I’m limited to the web compiler for this chip, that’s fine. I’m looking for clarification that Mbed Studio / Mbed OS is not suitable for this chip.



Hi Aaron,

The LPC1114FN28 only support baremetal profile in Mbed OS 6.
Can you use baremetal blinky example below, instead of standard blinly app.

Hi Aron,

According to this page it is not supported by the MbedStudio.
But you can try it.
Run MbedStudio>>File>>NewProgram>> and select mbed-os-example-blinky-baremetal from examples.

BR, Jan

“blinky baremetal” was the type of example I started with. However, it appears my tools were out of date and needed an update. Now that that’s completed, the code seems to work as expected. Thank you so much, gentlemen.