Mbed NXP LPC1768 - still usable?


I have acquired an mbed NXP LPC1768 Microcontroller which appears to work OK if I download the HelloWorld binary from here - mbed NXP LPC1768 Downloading - Handbook | Mbed and copy it across manually. However in Keil Studio Cloud the device is not recognized at all and in Mbed Studio it is recognized but when I try to run the blinky example programme I am getting error messages.

I must stress that I am totally new to this product however I am familiar with microcontrollers to some extent having successfully used a Pi Pico recently.

I realise this is is quite an old product so my first question really is whether it is worth bothering with at all. If it is any guidance as to how to progress with it would be most welcome.


Hi! LPC1768s still work with Mbed CE! I test with one regularly. Here’s the info page for this specific device.

Thanks Jamie. That’s good to hear and thanks for the link which looks very informative and useful.

Am I right in thinking it is not usable with Keil Studio Cloud? When I login to that with the device plugged in it isn’t showing as a connected device. I cannot add it manually either as the ‘Add Device’ button does nothing when I click it.

As mentioned, I did try it with Mbed Studio on Windows 10 but was getting errors. These I think were only naming errors though as when I tried it with Mbed Studio on Mac and Linux no errors were reported. That said, I still couldn’t get the Blinky example working there since despite the ‘Build and Flash’ process appearing to complete successfully nothing was happening on the board i.e. no blinking LED.

I am following this guide by the way - Mbed OS Blinky tutorial - Getting started | Mbed Studio Documentation

The issue might be that you need to update the interface firmware, if you haven’t done that yet. Other than that, I’m not sure.

Daplink firmware definitely needs to be updated for Keil Studio Cloud

New beta firmware for LPC1768 - Keil Studio - Arm Mbed OS support forum

BR, Jan