Why my computer receive only 0x2A when USB communication with MAX32630

I debugged the MAX32630FTHR board with MAX32625PICO DAP these days. I copied the FTHR_USB_serial example code to debug the USB function. It worked well at the beginning. But yesterday, my computer only received 0x2A or “*” from the board. Why did this happen? Thanks for your help.

Yes I’ve had that too. I don’t why it happens - so not giving you an answer.

I just disconnected all USB cables and then connected back again. As this was a good while ago, I may also have had to connect PICO first then the MAX32630FTHR.

@laumung and @gerriko
There is some good news for both of you. It seems that the MAX32630FTHR gets some update. Recently there has been a PR added that implements Mbed’s new USB stack for this board. That means we do not need to stick with the ancient example and Mbed OS versions @laumung refered to.
Maybe the new USB stack will fix the issue. There are 2 more PRs for this target that will hopefully get merged in the upcoming 6.7 release.

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