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MAXREFDES101_Source_Code: how to send and recieve temperature data via BLE continously after starting the Watch

Hello everyone,
I am working on the MAXREFDES101# from Maxim Integrated and want to send temperature data from the Watch to my PC over BLE. I don’t want to use the Device Studio UI, the goal is to start the Watch, start my python script on my pc to connect with the Watch over BLE and getting the data I want.

On the PC side I wrote a python script to connect with my Watch over BLE using the Watch-MAC address. The Connection is successful but obviously to get data I need a specific ID and/or characteristic to recieve the temperature data. So my first question is where I can find this information in the Code?

On the Watch side I think I need a few lines of code that read the temperature data and send it with BLE, but I don’t know how to do that exactly in this code.

I am thankful for any help!
Jan-Niklas Oberlies