Mbed 3.0 support

If I need some serious mbed 3.0 support, does ARM have an official and/or paid support channel?

There are some smart helpful folks on this forum (I’m looking at you @janjongboom) but let’s face it - our community is a bit sparse and still growing and as such gives me pause to embark on any mbed 3.0 projects.

Hi Malachi, ARM only offers paid support for mbed partners right now. If I know what you’re looking for I’m happy to find a third party which could offer support on mbed OS 3.0.

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OK that is good to know! It gives me the confidence to push more forward -

I’m targeting mostly lower-power ARM scenarios, focusing at the moment on Atmel SAM M0+ but I really like the STM chips so eventually want to head in that direction. Looking for assistance with that, and eventually spinning up mbed OS on our own custom non-official target boards.