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WIll mbed-os get back its previous pace of development?

mbed-os development seems to have really slowed down. Did arm move some folks to other teams?

Or is it just done beyond bug and security fixes now?


I’m definitely feeling the same way. Especially with the LoRa libraries and examples.

I believe it’s because Jan Jongboom left ARM

Hi John,

There’s been a lot of changes in Arm over the past six months or so that you may have seen, i.e. Pelion, which the Mbed team were part of, is now a separate company, wholly owned by Softbank. The core of the Mbed team is now part of the open source software team within Arm.

At the same time, Arm has been conducting a strategic overview of our IoT software and begun to make announcements around this, the first of which were made at DevSummit last October. One of the key parts of this is Project Centauri , which is pulling together industry and security standards to provide foundational software for Cortex-M based microcontrollers. We in the Mbed team are, along with other development teams in Arm, working on a longer term roadmap that brings this together with Mbed, CMSIS, TF-M and other technologies to simplify IoT development, which is, we think, one of the core tenets of Mbed.

So in the short term, we’ve slowed down Mbed work to give the team some space to conduct the engineering investigations needed to underpin this roadmap. We plan to share more on this work in the next few months, so I will update you when we have more details that we can share publicly.


thanks also for the insights.
I’m missing more marketing power for Mbed. ARM has invested a lot into Mbed and Mbed-OS is a great product. The only problem: really nobody does know it.
I have promoted it now for many years in a german forum, but the feedback is zero. The only known platform is Arduino and that is really a pitty. Well, one hurdle is C++, not everybody likes it and especially in embedded system there are still a lot of prejudices. I wish ARM would publish more articles about Mbed and also try to push it for comercial products. I have tried this also in our company, but its very hard because there are no partner companies for consulting or offering programming services.
Mbed is not only good for IoT and security, but also for a lot of other products. There need to be more focus on custom targets, because you cannot use a Nucleo board for commercial products e.g. And actually, an OS is a great help when you have to switch to some other MCU because of chip shortage.
So please, don’t slow down and don’t let Mbed die.


I agree with @JojoS, mbed is a great framework and we use it for our commercial product.

If there are less people on mbed’s side, why not let the community take a real part in the development?

Big open source project like Homebrew on macOS do it and it works great.


Mbed has been the go-to development platform for me, its API based focus is the way to go, unlike others. I am positive Mbed will go on to greater heights in the exciting world of IOT and security.

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yes, but also the simple switching between an OS with or without RT is unique. Support for USB, Ethernet, Storage, Connectivity, everything at a very high level, thats not only IoT. That needs definetely more attention!