Couldn't compile

Hey there and good day,
I couldn’t compile the coding as it keeps on saying there’s an error. Does that mean my account has a problem? could you state the problem?


Hi Jumo,

Can you please provide me with more information? Are you using the Mbed Online Compiler? What is your username? Can you post a screenshot or copy and paste the error output?


– Jenny, team Mbed

Hello Jenny,

I am facing the same problem. I am using the mbed compiler. I get errors when I compile simple codes that were previously compiled successfully. I have to click on compile several times to succeed


Hi Faycal,

I am unable to reproduce the issue you are experiencing in the online compiler screenshot you posted. Are you using the most recent version of the Mbed library? Please make sure the mbed_blinky program can compile successfully for your board if you are using Mbed OS 2 (or mbed-os-example-blinky if you are using Mbed OS 5).

It looks like you are using the LPC11U24 board, so please try compiling the mbed_blinky example in the online compiler after updating the “mbed” library to the latest version.

Please let me know how this goes!

– Jenny, team Mbed

Thanks Jenny for your prompt reply.

I am an instructor and I’ve been using the compiler for more than 2 years. We use the LPC1768 board. I started having this problem last week. I am unable to compile the codes that used to compile successfully. I have to do now several attempts (without changing anything in the code) to get it compiled successfully.

Hello Jenny.
Sorry for the late reply, my user name is Jumo-Kun error%20in%20this

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