Mbed C++ Programming for STM32F429 and Windows

I am developing an Arm Mbed C++ embedded program to process simple command stings using serial UART communication protocol, on Window Laptop host computer and STM32F429 Nucleo board as target micro controller. By parsing the UART command line input strings, this program turns on and off number of GPIO pins on the STM32F429 Nucleo board. This is light-weight (uses less processing power & less memory of micro controller) program that can be processed on the microcontroller chip.

However, I also need to write a C++ program to perform heavy duty tasks that require much more RAM memory, disk drive memory & bigger CPU speed, such as reading/parsing large CSV (Comma Separated Values) files etc. For this second task, can I use Visual Studio C++ 2022 and create C++ API or DLLs (Windows Dynamic Link Libraries)?

Then I like to make calls from Micro Controller Mbed C++ program to these Visual C++ API/DLLs libraries please?

Is it possible to develop this kind of dual C++ programs?

Are there any URL links, with steps and example C++ programs please?