How to know mbed OS that I am using?

I am using Mbed Studio Desktop 1.4.4 and developing Arm C++ programs for Nucleo429Zi on an Windows Laptop.

How can I find which version of mbed OS (2 or 5 or 6) that I am using?

Reason I am asking is, how to create API Library of my C++ microcontroller program?

Then, how to use my C++ API by calling from a Python program on my Windows laptop and develop a Python GUI program and receive/send data/commands between my microcontroller APIs and the Python GUI?

Any URI links about how do these steps please?


in Mbed Studio you have a panel/card called Libraries (close to Output, Problems and so on), there you will see. If you do not see that panel, then navigate to View->Libraries or press CTRL+Shift+L

So is this your progress from 23 May? Again and again new topic with similar content.

Of course, that you can establish a communication between your laptop and your Dev kit Nucleo-F429ZI, but you need to know your requirements and do something for that.

If you get stuck somewhere with Mbed code, let us know.

BR, Jan