Mbed-client-examples can NOT finish DHCP with mbed-drivers version v0.11.6

(Nick Zhou) #1

Hi ,

I am trying to run mbed-client-examples. It worked for me last week.
I tried to do "yotta update" today and find that it stops working. The only log is:
IP address

It seems that the FRDMK64F board can not get IP correctly.
Then I tried to reverse the mbed-drivers back to version v0.11.4 and it works. It can show:
IP address xx.xxx.xx.xx


Could you please check why latest mbed-drivers v0.11.6 makes mbed-client-examples not working?


(Mary Jane) #2

Hi. It's the same with v0.11.8.
I have 25 FRDM-K64F boards and some of them work and some not.
All of them have the same board revision and bootloader version.

(Yogesh Pande) #3

We are working on fixing this issue, its mainly on underlying layer. We will soon be releasing the patch to fix this issue.


(Yogesh Pande) #4

There is a fix for the issue which is released last week so if you update your sources and build again, it should now work fine.


(Nick Zhou) #5

Hi Yogesh,

It works. Thank you very much!

Best regards,

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