[mbed-cmake] issue compiling hello_world with NUCLEO_F303K8

Hello all, I am started playing with mbed-cmake (GitHub - USCRPL/mbed-cmake: Use the power of CMake to create your MBed applications) and I managed to successfully compile the hello_world example program for different targets (NUCLEO_F401RE, NUCLEO_G474RE and NUCLEO_F429ZI), but a compiler error appears using NUCLEO_F303K8.
I have updated the mbed-os to the latest one (6.16) just to check if this was the cause but it is not, I have also successfully compile the blinky program using mbed studio with this target so it seems it is related to something specific to mbed-cmake, here you are the process I followed and the reported error.

git clone --recursive https://github.com/USCRPL/mbed-cmake-example-project.git
git submodule foreach git pull origin master

python3 mbed-cmake/configure_for_target.py -a mbed_app.json -i .mbedignore NUCLEO_F303K8

create a build directory , enter into it
cmake --fresh "-G Ninja" C:\Mbed-Cmake\mbed_ws\mbed-cmake-example-project -DUPLOAD_METHOD=STM32CUBE

ninja -j2 hello_world

This is the reported error:

In file included from c:\progra~2\armgnu~1\1213fb~1.2mp\arm-none-eabi\include\newlib.h:10,
                 from C:/Mbed-Cmake/mbed_ws/mbed-cmake-example-project/mbed-cmake/mbed-os/platform/source/newlib_nano_malloc_workaround.c:60:
C:/Mbed-Cmake/mbed_ws/mbed-cmake-example-project/mbed-cmake/mbed-os/platform/source/newlib_nano_malloc_workaround.c:62:6: error: token "@" is not valid in preprocessor expressions
   62 | #if (__NEWLIB__ == 4) && (__NEWLIB_MINOR__ == 1) && (__NEWLIB_PATCHLEVEL__ == 0)
      |      ^~~~~~~~~~
[63/249] Building C object mbed-cmake/mbed-os/CMakeFiles/mbed-os-static.dir/platform/source/minimal-printf/mbed_printf_implementation.c.obj
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

Thank you very much

I had recently reported this error:

but it is not a problem of Mbed, it is a bad bug in the newlib. You can modify the header file in your local gcc installation, or upgrade gcc to the recent version 12.2.Rel1, there it is fixed.

EXCELLENT!! thank you very much, now it is working fine.