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Mbed Code repository - Show which version of the OS the code was written for!

Often when I need to implement something, I browse the site to see what code was already written by other people, either to use it as a starting point or to use a whole library.

One thing that bugs me a lot, that while you have the sidebar with info:

2020-10-12 23_51_32-USBDEVICE - a mercurial repository _ Mbed

No repository shows for which version the developer used during the development of the code (unless it was manually written in the description by the creator), and I feel like that should be a mandatory box. Now I have to download the repository, add it to my project, and look at the compile errors to find out that it was written with mbedOS version 5 and I am working on 6.

For example, how can I know which OS this library supports before downloading it? It is an important library provided by one of the larger device vendors.


I will bump this, just in case

I agree with you. The history can tell you when it was last updated and from that you can roughly guess if it’s still active or not.

Also, a lot of those libraries seems to now be integrated into mbed and are not useful anymore. It would be good to know that as well.

But still, a lot of active code is still being written for 5.15, and is not compatible with 6.x.y