Mbed LPC1768 Development Board Availability

Does anybody know if LPC1768 microcontroller boards are still being made? They still don’t seem to be available anywhere, and I am not sure if it is just an availability issue or if they have been discontinued. Different websites are saying different things.

I only checked nxp page but it looks like LPC1768 series is still active.

From what I remember, they should still be available just take longer (we had discussion opened back in 2021, the lead time was already large. I assume it has not improved?).

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Sadly it looks like this little powerful thing is discontinued.

However this one L-Tek FF-LPC546XX looks as a promising substitute.
Anyone knows more about this one?


Thanks @Kojto and @Jsvens!

Does anybody know what might be an equivalent substitute? I use the board to turn on and off a switch based on the output of a computer vision program.

Hi Alisa,
I need a little more info than what you just gave.

For exemple , what pin functionallity do you need. CAN, ethernet, SPI…….


this is a german vendor/producer:

The status means ‘new delivery expected’, but I guess do to chip shortage it is undefined.

Hi Alisa,

As an alternative you can also try to build a custom board with LPC1768.
For example:

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You can check https://robu.in/product/mks-sbase-v1-3-32-bit-open-source-smoothieboard/. It might be helpful