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What the hell is up with LPC1768 chip availability?

I know it’s a bit old, but the LPC1768 is still a solid chip for Mbed, and my lab uses it on most of our boards. However, since last fall, it’s seemingly become impossible to buy. No major retailers have stock for it, and the old product page on Digi-Key was changed to non-stocking. However, Digi-Key did publish a new product page along with a notice from NXP explaining that a new major revision of the chip die is being produced. So it looks like the old part number was replaced with a new one to indicated the updated silicon. The thing is, the notice lists the first ship date for the new chips as June 2020, but 6 months later the new chips are still not being sold!

Has anyone heard additional info on this situation? Is NXP having trouble getting the new revision running? Have they given up producing the chip entirely? It doesn’t look good, and if we can’t buy more soon, we will have to start cannibalizing old boards to build new ones!

Hello Jamie,

I know it’s a bit old, but the LPC1768 is still a solid chip for Mbed

I agree. No other mbed board is supported by so many libraries as the LPC1768.

It’s still available on eBay from China.

For example:

I have got ten of them and all seem OK.

Best regards, Zoltan

Here Chip1768 | they still have apparently some on stock. But these are
bare-boards so you will need an external SWD debugger. The boards are compared to the Chinese offers not quite cheap but good quality and work like charm with Mbed.

I’ve spoken with NXP recently and they, like many other silicon vendors, are having supply issues due to the ongoing pandemic. New boards are coming and should be available in a month or two.