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Mbed new myprogram should get mbed-os-6 or earlier?

##mbed new myprogram## gives me project with mbed-os-5.15.3
doing ##mbed update latest## in mbed-os stays at 5.15.3
##mbed update master## gives me mbed-os-6.0,0
i have updated mbed-cli to 1.10.4

is this how it should be?

I have the same issue. If I use mbed new I don’t get 6.2.0, i get 5.15.x.

I’m not sure if it’s intentional (5.15 is the current “stable” release?) or if it’s something that’s been forgotten to be updated. The confusing part is that if you import mbed-blinky it gives you the 6.2 release.

So if you first try your board using “blinky”, you’ll end up with a (hidden) surprise when you use mbed new.

Anyway, to get 6.2 using mbed new do this:

mbed new mbed62
cd mbed62
cd mbed-os
mbed update mbed-os-6.2.0