Mbed LPC 1768 taget hardware on Keil Studio

I am trying to link mbed LPC 1768 on Keil Studio but as soon as I select mbed LPC 1768 as targeted hardware " connected device isn’t supported" a dialogue box pops up. It works perfectly on the online compiler . Any help will be appreciated.


for Keil Studio is there new section, so please use it - Latest Keil Studio topics - Arm Mbed OS support forum

I believe that message is only for Run and Debug functionality. When you use Build (the button with Hammer icon) your program will be delivered by the same way like like with online compiler - downloaded binary file. So there is no difference.
According to information from topik below, there will be new firmware what will probably solve the rest.
LPC1768 Firmware update for new compiler? - Online compiler - Arm Mbed OS support forum

BR, Jan

It is working now. That’s what I was looking for. I’m able to download files on Mbed now. Thanks for your help.