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Oh also, it may be necessary to port rpmsg-lite from NXP as well. erpc has a premade transport for this library but I haven’t used it.

We originally developed the erpc port for RPC over UART so we haven’t tested it for multi-process RPC.

That’s the next step I think, get erpc working on a multi-core Mbed target using rpmsg-lite.

Sorry for triple post, but ideas keep coming to me :slight_smile:

What would be really cool is some sort of abstraction that makes one able to use the EventQueue API to queue events that then run on the other processor :grin:

Not sure how feasible this is because, depending on the core architectures, it may not be possible (or allowed by an MPU) for one core to execute function pointers from another core’s memory region.

Perhaps we would need to come up with some C++ magic that lets us use ERPC to create a RPCCallback that is then mapped to a function on the coprocessor side. This RPCCallback could then be placed in an EventQueue-like structure to make multi-process programming on Mbed feel more familiar.

I don’t want to make a new post with nearly equal content. I just checked a little bit of the sources and often it confuses more than it enlightens.
Just as a simple example:
There is a DigitalInOut - but for what? There is no PinDirection InOut and there is no way to set a pin to in and out at the same time.
Then there are low level functions for which multiple wrappers with different names exist, instead of making function overloads with possibly optional parameters.
Next try to use RAII whenever possible (in cpp).
Last but not least the C++ objects are sometimes just wrappers around C functions without some OO background, e.g. I2C.

definitely make corresponding documentation:

there is wide mismatch between mbed classes shown in Online compiler:

and what is in webpage:

also some more easily understanding examples will helps a lot for not master level coders.

for example :
KVStore example

has one common 300line + example witch is difficult (for me) to understand.

But anyway. - Thanks for your time and great work on this project.