Status of I/O in mbed 3.0


I am excited about mbed 3.0 and all the new features. I am wondering about the current status of mbed 3.0 I/O functions. I’ve been reading all the docs and it’s hard to tell what is already working for specific features. Specifically, before downloading yotta and giving everything a try I would like to know if AnalogIn (A/D), AnalogOut (PWM), Serial, I2C, and Bluetooth are all working for the boards that are currently ported? Specifically, I would love if all these are working on the Nucleo F401RE, or at least the FRDM-K64F. Thanks!



look at the mbed-drivers API -, to see what’s there. There’s no BLE, which is a separate module -

Both targets you named should provide support for pwmout, analogin, serial and i2c. However, there’s not i2c asynch support for F401RE target at the moment.

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Thanks! Sounds good.

I looked at the mbed-drivers API at the link you gave. I looks like mbed 2.0 functions. Will all these stay in 3.0? For example, can I still use Ticker, TimeOut, InterruptIn, etc.? It seems like 3.0 would use Minar instead of these? Also, are the synchronous versions of i2c and Serial still supported? Or do I have to use the async versions and Minar for 3.0?

I’m not sure what the future is for Ticker and TimeOut, but the mbed-os examples on the Getting Started documentation still use InterruptIn