Mbed OS on NPX LPC1768

Is there any view when a target will be available for the good old NPX LPC1768 board? Have several of these kicking about and would like to try out mbed-os.

I know this has been raised before in this forum but the thread seems to go cold in September last year with no real view on if / when this board will be supported.

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Hi, have you now come accross any target modules for the LPC1768 board?
I found some works at https://github.com/ARMmbed/cmsis-core-nxp and https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-hal-nxp
that I think are INcomplete. Please do you now have complete target modules for the LPC board?

Hello, I’m having problems with mbed os and LPC1768 too. In short, I am unable to compile the code as my code needs std=c++11. How do I force the mbed compiler to use c++11 and up? It seems to be using c++1X

mbed OS 5 currently does not support C++11, which is unfortunate. So stuck on C++03 for now…

Thanks for replying. appreciate it!

When is mbed OS 5 likely to start supporting c++11?

I think it might be a while, especially because we’ll likely support older versions of ARMCC and IAR for the time being.

If you only need to build with GCC you could try and just pass the std flag into the compiler, but no support on that. Don’t know if mbed OS will build…

I think I might have figured it out. Go inside /.temp/tools/toolchains/gcc.py and change the version of c/c++ referenced under the DEFAULT_FLAGS block to c++11