MBED OS5 Interactive PDF

Not sure if anybody is interested but I have just converted the online OS5 Handbook to an interactive PDF. The line is:

Interesting David, what did you use to generate the PDF? I think our docs build system should be able to generate them too. Maybe interesting thing to always do for the handbook @iritarkin?

It took a while but basically I saved each HTML, then loaded it into Word. Then saved the HTML
as a DOC. I then imported it into Adobe Indesign CC 2017. Had to check all the links, then exported
it to a PDF and added the bookmarks.
Would be nice if the build system could generate them a little easier. I just finished teaching an IoT
course using the FRDM-K64 board where the students needed to use Mbed OS 5 to send data
to the cloud as their final project. So having an interactive PDF sure saved time.

Dave Ross