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Hello, I’m a newcomer to mbed (for some weeks now) and am amazed how easy it was to run up some simple OS-driven samples using the web IDE, even though I’ve had no previous RTOS experience. Well done to all concerned!

However, I have a small issue with some of the web pages within mbed.com. I was browsing this afternoon and it struck me how hard it was (for me) to make out the light-grey text on a white background. I’m approaching 60 years of age but my eyesight is good, I am not colour-blind, and I was struggling .

There’s much talk on the web about black type on white pages being too harsh, but I wonder whether your web designers have erred on the too-pale side. The yellow-orange on white also gives me trouble.

Please take this as constructive criticism and keep up the great work with the new mbed.

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the thoughtful comments. We will look at this and get back to you soon.



Hi Bill,

Thanks for your kind words about mbed OS, it might be worth pointing out that mbed OS isn’t an RTOS.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. I wonder if you’d mind taking a look at another ARM website that uses a different font and let us know whether that is more easily readable for you? http://ds.arm.com/developer-resources/ds-5-documentation/ if you think it helps we can look at making the body text more like that on the mbed site too.

In this image I’ve changed the colour of the first paragraph to pure black, personally I don’t think it makes it much more legible and a different font might help more, what do you think?



Thanks for the quick reply Dan and Steve,

The ds-5-documentation link in Steve’s reply above takes me to a nice, crisp page that I can read easily.

This one is feint: http://www.mbed.com/en/development/software/tools/

The paragraph above from Steve about the Internet of Things business unit looks unusual to me - perhaps the screen-capture messed up the font’s resolution.

Interesting comment about OS not being an RTOS - I’ll start reading. My last big project on an AVR was 24,000 lines long, I simply had no clue that there was an OS or RTOS alternative to my clumsy super loop method.
Oh well, you live an learn !

Thanks guys, Bill.

Hey, same as you Bill, can’t really like the actual web IDE… Should prefer a monokaï color theme or so?
Did you changed yours ?

Solarized Dark guys, its where its at.