MBED Serial Port Not Recognized on Windows 10

I am aware that there is a know issue with MBED on Windows 10 [1] and that the “serial ports work out of the box” “on Windows 8 or newer” [2]. I am working with a Windows 10 (64-bit) laptop and trying to connect to an LS1046A-RDB (RDB). According to Section 2.14 of the Reference Manual: “CMSIS-DAP is managed by a Kinetis K22 MCU built on the ARM Cortex-M4 core” for the RDB.

Unfortunately, I have followed the directions in [1] and everything works as expected until the final step where the serial port is not recognized on my laptop (the post at [3] tailors the directions at [1] and another post confirmed the solution at [3] works for the LS1046A-RDB). I don’t know the full history of the laptop I am working with and I don’t have a fresh copy of Windows 10 to install, so is there some way to validate that the necessary drivers for MBED serial ports are still working properly?

Also, the RDB provides a link to [4], which redirects to a page with a note: “Unrecognised board key, locate your hardware to get started”. Is there any way to find what platform the link was looking for?

I originally provided more references for convenience and clarity, but apparently new users cannot provide more than four links in a post.

  1. https://os.mbed.com/blog/entry/DAPLink-bootloader-update/
  2. https://os.mbed.com/docs/mbed-os/v6.2/program-setup/windows-serial-driver.html
  3. https://community.nxp.com/t5/Layerscape/LS1043ARDB-PD-USB-console-can-t-work/m-p/798002
  4. http://mbed.org/device/?code=20010203EA1B73F217E7AC0B

I was able to find a solution with the help of the NXP Community. See the solution at:

Unfortunately, I was unable to get answers to my questions regarding how to validate the drivers or locate a board key.