MBed Studio 1.4.5 Installation error


I am not able to install MBed studio on Windows 10.
Whenever I try to use the installer (v 1.4.5), I get the error “installation aborted - setup was not completed successfully”.
I have tried everything I have seen online.
-cleaning the default folders for MBed STudio C:\Program Files\Programs\Mbed Studio and {AppData}\Local\Programs\Mbed Studio
-doing the latest Windows updates
-the usual gig of running the installer in admin, restarting my computer, etc
FYI I already have ST-Link drivers on my system that I use for CubeIDE, could the issue come from there? (I uncheck the ST-Link box during my installation of Mbed studio)

Is there anything more I can do ? Or could I maybe find older version of Mbed Studio installers to see if it works?
I thank you in advance for you help.

Best regards,


Hi @Gary_Lejeune ,

we are now investigating what you reported. Do you have any logs about this issue?

Federico - Mbed Studio team

Hi Federico,

Good to hear that you are investigating this issue :slight_smile:
What do you mean by logs exactly?
The error window does not display anything more than “installation aborted - setup was not completed successfully” if that is what you mean.
Thank you.


Hi @Gary_Lejeune ,

Some potential causes for your error:

  • you don’t have enough disk space on your system (Mbed Studio can easily take 20 GigaBytes)
  • you have pending Windows updates
  • permission problems

Please double check these.

Federico - Mbed Studio Team