MBED Studio: Can't select target after modifying a library? #newb

Status: MBED Studio, MBED OS 6, bare metal blinky example, Nucleo L432KC board, LSM6DSO library

I have this program set as active. (Only one program.) I imported the library, edited it to add one function, then clicked compile. The compile ran successfully, but afterward I cannot click compile because I have to select a target first. I cannot select a target until I have clicked “fix all” in libraries view. (There is no “Fix All” button in the libraries tab.)

Can I force MBED Studio to just recompile the library? Can I unlink it somehow from the original?

The library shows a yellow exclamation point icon for using ThisThread:sleep_for, which is deprecated. But other than that, I have no problems.

Any ideas what to try? Currently I am stuck.

Error message in the target drop down:
" There is currently nothing to show

Make sure you have set a program as active, and that Mbed OS for the active program is available. This list will update automatically when the Mbed OS library is added or updated.

If you have added a program that doesn’t have libraries pre-loaded (a .zip file exported from Code | Mbed), use the Fix all problems button in the Libraries view to load them."

The libraries tab looks like:
4 libraries

Hi @Dan_Allen ,

thank you very much for your detailed report. I will try to investigate this issue and get back to you.

Federico - Mbed Studio team

Hi @Dan_Allen ,

I’ve tried to reproduce your issue but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. Can you please try to send a zip with your program in its broken state to mbed-support@arm.com ?

Federico - Mbed Studio team