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Mbed studio debug support for board Makediary NRF52840

Hi all, in mbedos 6.7 I try to use my makediary NRF52480. it is a nice board with a daplink debug port on board.

Unfortunately in mbedos 6.7 the board is not yet supported. But after some time spent in documentation and forum. I create a custom target like this:


"NRF52840_MDK": {  
    "inherits": ["MCU_NRF52840"],    
    "overrides": {  
        "lf_clock_src": "NRF_LF_SRC_SYNTH"  
    "device_name": "nRF52840_xxAA",
    "detect_code": ["0230"]  


I think that I can remove “detect_code”: [“0230”] but this is another story…

I have create a folder TARGET_NRF52840_MDK in

with the files divice.h and PinNames.h that I copied from a similar board like NRF52480-DK. After of that and in according with pinout of makediary NRF52480 I have modify he PinNames.h

yeah! the led blinking!:smiley: but now I try to put some breakpoint to go in debug with my code but from mbed studio the button for debug is disable. I have already updated the firmware of daplink with the last version present here:

but I can not go in debug in my code :frowning: any idea? Thank for help!


opsss I found the problem… the target when we manage custom board we must pay attention in debug flag

–target nrf52840 --erase=chip

for the board makediary nrf42840

Can you explain a little bit more as very interested in how you solved… “we must pay attention in debug flag”… where is this, for example.

Hi, but simply I write a wong target in -target flag