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Mbed Studio IDE/Online 1.4


what happened with Mbed Studio IDE 1.4 update?

What happened with Mbed Studio Online?
It is not Mbed Studio Online but Keil Studio, But it not have same functionality like on this video :slight_smile:


Thank you
BR, Jan

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Hi Jan,

Those are very good questions. Let me provide some answers:

  • Mbed Studio 1.4.0 Desktop version was created. We are currently finishing testing it. It should be released very soon.
  • Mbed Studio was rebranded into Keil Studio. As it was mentioned in the video the first public version for the browser will be released soon.
  • Keil Studio Desktop will be released a little bit later. It will replace Mbed Studio Desktop.
  • Keil Studio will support both Mbed OS and programs based on Keil Software Packs (
  • The video you linked above shows a sneak-peek into Keil Studio Cloud (browser version).

Arek - Studio team


Hello Arek,

that sounds like very good news for both sides.

Thank you for very fast response and these news.
BR, Jan