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I just found this

and this

Does anyone have any information about an official announcement date for Keil Studio?
When will Keil Studio replace Mbed Studio?

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That is nothing new, we already discussed about that here - Mbed Studio IDE/Online 1.4 - Mbed Studio - Arm Mbed OS support forum

Announcement of open beta release is here but I not found more informations. I also don’t understand that it was not published officially on the website.

ARM Keil Studio Cloud already replace Mbed Studio Online what was in closed beta last year - Arm Keil | Cloud-Based Development Tools for IoT, ML and Embedded

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Hi @YSI , @JohnnyK ,

Yes, Keil Studio Cloud is now in open beta. We were waiting with an official announcement on Mbed site till next week as the Studio team is finishing the last functionalities that will allow to migrate programs from Online Compiler into Keil Studio Cloud.

Keil Studio Desktop is going to replace Mbed Studio in the near future. It will allow to build both Mbed and CMSIS (*.cprj) programs. The exact release date is unknown at the moment but we are working on it. Keil Studio Desktop and Keil Studio Cloud is going to be a one product with the same functionalities.

Arek - Studio team


to replace like Mbed Studio will be deprecated?

will Keil Studio Desktop be free?

Hi Ladislas,

We’ll be talking more about Keil Studio in the next Mbed OS Tech Forum if you’re interested: Mbed OS Tech Forum - YouTube

To answer your immediate questions - the current intention is to have a free-to-use version of Keil Studio Desktop (similar to Mbed Studio, Keil MDK-Lite). This is a longer term project, but when Keil Studio Desktop eventually replaces Mbed Studio Desktop, we will stop using the “Mbed Studio” name.