Mbed studio linux hangs of startup

Just intalled mbed studio onb ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Install works fine but on running app I get a lovely window with menus and a graphic of two circling icons on a gray background. -this is after having given my mbed website credentials etc. Lovely to look at - unfortunately this is all I get. None of the menus does anything and the icons just circle continuously.

Anyone know why this doesn’t startup - I tried waiting a fair while but no change.

best regards

Hi Chris,

that’s certainly not the full Mbed Studio experience!

You should be able to find a log file at /home/<username>/.config/Mbed Studio/mbed-studio.log .

Could you please send that file to studio@mbed.com .

Thank you very much,

Federico - Mbed Studio team

(Attachment mbed-studio.log is missing)