Mbed support flex gecko (silabs company)? and new target for mighty

I’ve been working with stm32 mcu’s for a while so im familiar with mbed. and now I want to start working with Silabs Soc. I have flex gecko and I saw that this family is not supported, I wanted to ask why and if expected to be supported in the near future.
Anyway, I’ll probably buy mighty gecko as well and I want it in the model of efr32mg12p433 (sub-ghz transmitter and receiver).
which evaluation board should i buy to have the easiest modification from the targets mbed already support (i saw the tb_sense_12)?


Porting work is done by Partners. So if/when support is available is unknown.
For the correct evaluation board for mighty gecko you have to compare it to the boards supported and find something which is as close as possible:
You can do custom porting work if official support is not available: