Happy Gecko with mbed

Hello everyone.

I have a very simple question.
I have a PCB with a MCU from Silabs, the EFM32HG222.
Is there some way to program this micro with mbed?

The all project is made to use the simplicity studio, but now I wanna try to use the mbed OS.

Thank you!

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Any help please?

Hi @David_Martins,

please look at this silabs module, https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-hal-silabs . It supports hg (mbed-hal-efm32hg). Download/install blinky mbed os example, set this target (target-efm32hg-stk-gcc) and build. If you have your own target, you might be interested in creating your own target

Hello @Kojto!

Thank you for the answer.

So the trick is select the platform of same family than my micro. OK, I will try this soon. The PCB’s arrived and these days I’ll soldering all.

Can you, please, explain to me or forward me to how I can create my own “mbed board”?
In other words, use this boards, with EFM32HG222, with mbed os program.

Thank you very much.


Look at https://github.com/ARMmbed/target-efm32hg-stk-gcc plus http://docs.yottabuild.org/ (target section). How to inherit from a current target, or create your own from scratch.

As I can see, this hg target does not inherit from MCU family (it’s platform specific target). frdm k64f for instance inherits from K64F chip family, thus creating a new target based on k64f would be to inherit kinetis-k64f. I’ll talk to Silabs about this.

Thank you @Kojto.

I will follow the yotta guide, but right now I don’t have sure how create my own platform.

I came back here to put some doubts ;).

OK… this is too much confusion to me.

Perhaps I will make a stupid question, but can I use de mbed libraries in Simplicity Studio?

Thanks :wink:

Simplicity studio - not currently. There will be yt debug support for it, which would mean, you build your app, and can debug it in the simplicity studio. This feature is currently in the backlog (project generator + valinor handles this feature).

I haven’t worked with simplicity studio much, thus cant comment if it’s possible to make yotta example in the simplicity stuido. I assume they use their own builder and might not be possible to overwrite it. Therefore there’s yotta debug command, where a project file is generated with sources in the workspace view, pointing to app executable which will get flashed and debugged. (This was a brief overview how yt debug works).

You can give it a shot, add files from modules + target, use yotta to fetch/build nad simplicity studio for editing, flashing and debugging…