WICED / Broadcom / Cypress WiFi viability

Is there any support for broadcom WiFi chips?

Like the one in the particle photon / raspberry pi w?

I’m just looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous but not completely satisfying ESP8266. I.E. UART+AT Commands don’t fill me with confidence.

Murata TpeYD has a Broadcom chip on it, but it’s full module.

Any idea what Broadcom chip you want to use?

I was gravitating towards that exact chipset, a few boards/modules use it: The Murata as you mention, Particle Photon, Adafruit WICED Feather, EMW3162.

Though all getting long in the tooth, I’d jump at the chance to run mbed OS on it - presuming the full mbedtls stack will fit comfortably in that 128k ram footprint (I admit though that’s not the problem I asked for help with).

I got the impression though that the Murata module has to be mated to another MCU altogether (that mbed wasn’t actually running on the onboard STM32F205). In that case, wouldn’t WICED not directly be involved? Please forgive my ignorance on the topic…