Mbed-uVisor Porting

Hi All,
I am new to mbed OS. and I have a doubt that is a flash memory mandatory to enable uVisor. How can we enable the uVisor and MPU functionality using only RAM memory.


cc @AlessandroA

I am getting Bus Fault when I accessing SysTick timer registers after enabling uvisor, can any one help what might be the reason.

Hi, currently uVisor requires you to have both Flash and SRAM memories. Although changing the uVisor + the application code might make it work, this is a security model which we have not validated not ever looked into, so far.

As for the SysTick registers, those are core registers (and the SysTick IRQ is a system IRQ): Currently there is no way to access them with uVisor enabled. We are working on a feature that will enable the use of some system registers, which is based on ACLs (similarly to other non-core peripherals). Please check out our Github issue page to get updates on this feature.