Memory capacities shown in building

In Japnese Forum I wrote this problem, I show my current problem in English, too.

Memory capacities shown in buliding looks full:128KB/128KB. Is it no problem?
I want to make PWM wave with high ferquency, and I set timer counter limit(On the image,register TIM5->ARR determines). When TIM5->ARR is under a limit, PWM wave disappers. I think it shows insufficient capacity of microcontroller’s memory.
First, I wrote signal’s look up data on the top of source code. After this problem occurred, I made a header file, and I took the look up data to it, but this problem still exists.
Sourse code has about 130 rows, and It is not so big. If the problem is from insufficient capacity, what do I have to do for solving?(To speak of extreme, is format needed?)

I use Nucleo-F446RE, and its timers TIM2 and TIM5. Their clock freqencies are 45MHz.(I also adjust frequency demultiplier ratio(TIM5->PSC and TIM2->PSC).


I think this is known issue the mbed tools show bad ram calculation and i saw same behavior for Nucleo-L432KC just for a blinky example.
Full profile of MbedOS uses aprox 11kb and baremetal 4,5kb of RAM so I believe you have a lot of memory for your project.

BR, Jan

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