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"Meta" as a category name possibly misleading

I suggest that the use of “Meta” as a category name is suspect ?

I have posted twice on this forum, but never noticed it. A pity. I could have started here. I suspect my old eyes just jumped the category. without registering or reading the sub-text.

Although a South African, English is my home language, but I don’t think I have ever used or seen “Meta” as a standalone word,and not a prefix. I don’t think the other language speakers in our part of the world use it often either.

I suggest something like, “The Forum. Help feedback and Guidance” may be a better name.

. . . . but that won’t fit in a drop-down - Maybe just “Forum”

It’s often said that one must be careful when using a 4-letter word before anything else as it will typically invoke an emotive response :grinning:

Now in embedded programming the less characters used the better, so, in my opinion, I think in this case, the 4-letter word “Meta” seems perfectly adequate to qualify what that category is all about… as in providing a " higher level of abstraction" about what the forum is about/ how it’s used etc. Anyhow language and the use of words adapt… a bit of “polymorphism” perhaps…

Okay - Gotcha. :grinning:

Next time I go blundering about on a new forum looking for guidelines on how to use the forum, I will try to remember to read and digest the whole suite of Urban Dictionaries :grinning:

“Meta” is all Greek to us poor guys from Darkest Africa. But I suppose “Forum”, being Latin, would be just as confusing.