Modem of ublox C030 SARA-R412M board is not initializing and not responding to AT commands


I am working on a project which involves coding with ublox C030 R412M board. I ran a simple program “” to determine the IMEI of the device. The output of the program is “Unable to intialize modem” (It can be seen in any of the serial monitor like Tera term). It is also not responding to any of the AT commands.

I checked hardware connections multiple times, looks like that is not a problem. I also tried different example programs where I could generate the bin file successfully but the modem initialization part is not working. Its a new board and other functions are also working fine, so there is little chance that modem is damaged or non-functional.

Can you please let me know where might be the problem? Any help is highly appreciated.


Hi Sachin.

Did you tested the modem via cellular network (call to sim card or send SMS)?