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u-Blox C030-R412M compiler online error message

I have just received a u-blox C030-R415M board. This board is supported my Mbed compiler, and is in the hardware list. I imported the board into my Mbed compiler.

I am using Mbed version 5.15

I get a compile error :-1:"Target “UBLOX_C030_R415M” is not recognised.

I get this when trying to compile a couple of example programs, including a simple test program of my own. In all cases the platform "u-blox C030-R415M LTE CatM1.NB1 and 2G platform is selected ( and showing in top right of compiler screen).

Please can anyone make suggestions as to the issue, or what I might need to do to compile my code to the board ?

Many thanks


Hello Rob,

are you sure you had always the MbedOS5.15 set up?
I do not have your hardware but I tried mbed-os-example-blinky (with target u-blox C030-R412M LTE CatM1/NB1 and 2G). It really show up “Target UBLOX_C030_R415M is not recognised” but the example is already based on MbedOS 6.4, so it is correct behavior.
Then I downgraded it to the MbedOS 5.15.5 (also change from 500ms to 500)and compilation was OK.

BR, Jan

Many thanks for your swift reply. I had Mbed 5.15.6, and when this goes to Mbed 5.15.0 it complies OK.

Are there plans to support this board into Mbed 6.X - where I currently work ?

many thanks


I’m only community member, so that question is not for me.
But if I understood it correctly, that is not responsibility of Mbed team. It is responsibility of Board Partner, in this case, Ublox.

BR, Jan