Moving project to Studio from non-working online compiler

I need help with importing project from online compiler.
I published the project and checked the generated URL. My code and all files were there. Then I tried to import the project to Studio with the given URL, but it always ended up with an error “Unable to create program ‘name’”.
Am I doing something wrong? Did you find a way how to import your projects?
Thank you


Is your project based on Mbed OS 5?


No, it’s based on Mbed OS 2. Is there any way I can work on my project with processor STM32F042F6P6 based on Mbed OS 2 offline?
I’m literally battling Studio since the morning.

You will need to use Mbed CLI for Mbed 2 projects, but the Online Compiler is now back up and running. Mbed Studio supports Mbed OS 5.12+ only as:

Thank you!