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Murata Type ABZ platform using online compiler not compiling


I’ve simple program. When I select “DISCO-L072CZ-LRWAN” platform it’s working but when switch platform to “Murata Type ABZ” I got error number 5 "Cannot open source input file “device.h”: No such file or directory “#include “device.h””. Can you help me and explain how to compile code for “Murata Type ABZ” using online compiler?

Here is the code.

Then I changed os to mbed-os-6.3.0 (here is the code) and also it’s not working with description: “Target MTB_MURATA_ABZ is not recognized”.

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  • Your first code really not working but MbedOS 2 is not supported any more so you can only try to solve it by your self. I think you need to import mbed-dev instead of the mbed library but there are some troubles with import of this library, it take very long time for import or import fail often. Alternative link for mbed-dev from github. That seems to be compilable.
  • Murata target was removed in a release of the MbedOS6
  • There are some troubles with MbedOS6.3+ and the Oline Compiler, see this
  • Try to right click on mbed-os, chose Revisions... and select a revision with comment tag:mbed-os5.15.5 that seems be also compilable.

BR, Jan