Need help getting Keil Studio to work? (Massive noob)


I am trying to use Keil Studio as the desktop version of Mbed does not support debugging with my board (Nucleo F429ZI). I have been supplied with a tutorial video from my University on how to switch to Keil however in this video the target board is automatically recognised and the workspace is automatically ported over from mbed desktop.

When I open Keil there is no active workspace and my board is not recognised at all, I can manually select my board from the list but it does not connect. I have attempted to link the original workspace from github into Keil Studio however nothing is recognised (squiggly lines everywhere), if I click on Libraries there are no options so I cannot update them from anywhere and I cannot load any active project from the workspace list because it does not see them as active projects.

I have no idea what to do! Could anyone shed some light? I am making do for now in Mbed desktop but I am hitting territory where I now really need a working debugger.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Joe,

First of all, can you clone an Mbed project into Keil Studio Cloud or follow this tutorial to get a fresh blinky example into your workspace: Documentation – Arm Developer

That will give you a project as a starting point, which should enable all the other options, such as setting your target.

If that’s not working and your board still isn’t detected, then it might be the interface firmware on your board that is out of date, so that could be the next thing to try.


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Hi Joseph,
Like Joe mentioned most likely you need to update the firmware on the board first. You can find a tool to do it here: STSW-LINK007 - ST-LINK, ST-LINK/V2, ST-LINK/V2-1, STLINK-V3 boards firmware upgrade - STMicroelectronics

Arek - Studio team