New mbed project tools

Is anyone using anything more than a command line and a text editor for their development at the moment?

@rosterloh84 hat do you have on your mind? To have one environment for the devel, like sublime with integrated gdb+yotta?

Hi @Kojto, well I use Eclipse for developing and debugging with mbed currently but Eclipse is not so good with cmake. You can build with yotta and use Eclipse with the generated make files but that’s not a great solution. I was just wondering what other people are using. What do you use?

I would like to understand why is not good solution ?What it lacks? (I haven’t used eclipse for a while, thus curious what you would like to have).

I just use text editor to handle development, debugging via gdb or ide like uvision (uvision does not work well with just an executable to debug).

Those are the exact reasons why I use an IDE instead of a text editor. I generally feel more comfortable with a lightweight text editor and a command line but this like code indexing to find references and usages, intellisense and better debugging tools like register snapshots and watch expressions keep me coming back to an IDE.

JetBrains Clion works with CMake-based projects. It has great refactoring and navigation support. I’ll probably try using it when mbed 3.0 is a bit more developed and supports my board.