What does your mbed OS Development Environment look like?

For anyone who is developing Mbed OS applications successfully, I would love to know what your development environment looks like.

OSX or PC? Are you using an IDE, if so which one. Have you configured it to reference the mbed libraries? Have you integrated any build steps, intellisense etc.

I am just starting with this, and Visual Studio doesn’t play nicely with mbed out of the box, so I am workign on that, but would be interested to see what other people are doing and whether it is working well. Similalry, if anyone has written up the steps they took to set up a local machine, I would be grateful of any links.

Running on OS X here. I’m using Cloud9 locally, which doesn’t do much intelligence over the project, but it does in the file I’m working on, which is nice. Then depending on whether I’m working on mbed OS or Classic I’m using yotta or gcc to build and compile (gcc4mbed is nice on Classic), with gdb to debug.

If I’m debugging something more complicated I’m using uVision 5 in a Windows VM (but I don’t like uVision’s code editor, so not using it fulltime). Just need the debug symbols to attach, so don’t even need to build in uVision.

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I’m on windows, and using Sublime text, and yotta to build and debug. if you have problem with yotta, i suggest you to start with blinky example and follow the steps one by one, and also have a look on the json files generated by yotta, they could help you sometimes.

Actually Ive been playing with Visual Studio Code (not vs2015) it has a C++ add in, and fairly easy to set up the include folders for it to generate the intellisense.