New version uvisor yotta or mbed-cli


I’ve seen lots of change within uVisor(multithreading support), even for compilation, in the quick guide they use mbed-cli to compile the project, so my question is, can we still compile with the version of uVisor using yotta instead, or from now we should use the mbed-cli to use uVisor?

When i try to compile using yotta i get this error:

(.uvisor.main+0x8404): undefined reference to ‘__uvisor_priv_sys_irq_hooks’
/Code/libport/uvisor-lib/source/…/uvisor/api/lib/My/debug/CONFIGURATION_MAXIM_M3_mq55.a(uvisor-output.o): In function
(.uvisor.main+0x8408): undefined reference to ‘__uvisor_lib_box_init’
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
error: command [‘ninja’] failed

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If you want to keep building uVisor applications on top of mbed OS 3, stay on the 0.10.x branch.

0.20.x and up will only support mbed OS 5.