Nucleo-F410re yotta build error

My board is Nucleo-F410re.
but I can`t build it!

Without Source file, it can build. but if there is any source file(whether there is nothing in source file), it doesnt work. Im already targetting st-nucleo-f410re-gcc.

(When I was targetting frdm-k64f-gcc, I can build.)

Please help!

Thanks <(^^)/>


I’m using the Nucleo-F401RE and have the same error. The error came after updating “mbed-hal-st-stm32f401re” to version 0.1.2. In this new release, lp_ticker is removed, that may cause the problem?

Maybe someone knows the solution?


Thanks for reporting this problem!

Most of the build error appears to be caused by the target description (incorrectly) claiming that uvisor is supported when in fact it isn’t.

A fix which will improve the error message is here:

And a fix for the target description itself is being proposed here:

These should be merged soon by the respective owners.

I note that you also have an error about “undefined reference to app_start”: you’ll need to make sure that your application defines an app_start function in a C++ file, as described here:


I changed ‘CMakelist.txt’ file & ‘target.json’ file.

Thank you for your help!