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nonSPI WS2812B library?

Hello, Im trying to get my WS2812B LED strip to work on FRDM-K64F but Im not getting any results. I’ve tried Brian Daniels WS2812 library which should be simmilar to WS2812B but the end result is some weird mess of blinking LEDs. I’ve also Tried Ondřej Hruškas NeoPixel with better results but after sending a second change to the strip it ends up like the Brian Daniels one. Was anybody lucky enough to get the strip working without using SPI communication?

Thanks to anybody in advance

I have used wsLib and this used BurstLib for generating the timing with SPI. It worked with LPC13xx and LPC824, but there is also an implementation for KL64:

Thanks but I’ve tried this one as well and there’s a problem that it uses SPI and the fact that the Burst SPI library isn’t optimized for K-64F. I need to have the SPI pins free because Im using an LCD display and I want to control the LED strip through the display.