Nordic: Expected BLE current consumption

There are some great answers on nordic dev zone like:

And Im working through researching each of them in the mbed source, but I was hoping someone from nordic could talk about expected current consumption on a known target, say mkit device. Are there any peripherals on by default that should be disabled for lower power?

I can not provide you accurate numbers for this board but power consumption with mbed-os should be close to what it is without mbed-os.

mbed-os scheduler (minar), use RTC1 for its timer which are as effective as RTC0 used by the nordic softdevice.
It is possible to configure the low frequency clock source using yotta, in the config section of your module.json :

"hardware": { "clocks": { "nrf": { "lfclk_src": <lf_clock_src_id> } } }

Beside that, I think all advice in the link you post are applicable to an application based on mbed-os.

One more thing, once you have used printf, the UART will remains active and it will consume 1ma of current, if you want to use printf be careful to shutdown the peripheral once it is no longer used.