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Cryptocell NRF52840

I am trying to use the Cryptocell of the Nordic NRF52840.

After the activation of the cell with the library using
SaSi_LibInit( &ctx->rndState, &rndWorkBuff );
the energy consumption is increased by appr. 5 mA.
The problem is that after deinitialization using
SaSi_LibFini( &ctx->rndState );
the power consumption does not drop again.

I found a similar issue at the following page:
which indicates that with the nrf framework, this issue seems to be fixed. I am using mbed-os 6.6, also tried it with 6.13. Unfortunately the mbed version does not make any difference.

Simple replacement of the libraries does not work as the cryptocell libraries of the Nordic SDK is different from the one from MBED.