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Not enough space on NUCLEO-WB55RG

I am trying to use my NUCLEO-MB55RG board with the mbed compiler.
However when I try to compile the HelloWorld program, and then drag it onto my board, it does not have enough space for it.
This is strange since the board should have capacity of 1MB and the program is only 41KB, and there is nothing on the board already except what was there on boot. The board says it only has 32KB of memory if I look at the properties, and only 8KB free.
I have installed drivers from ST-Link-Driver and updated the firmware with Nucleo-Firmware.
I am working on Windows 10.


same behavior I had with my Nucleo-F767ZI. It seems to be in the context of connectivity between ST-link and MCU.
I my case it was because I had onboard jumper set for external power supply, and I had no external power supply connected. After the jumper was switched back to correct position (powered by ST-link’s USB), the MCU is running. After reconnection of USB cable of the ST-link, also the MSD works normal.

BR, Jan

Hi, thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
Do you know how I can set the jumper correctly?
I did try shifting the jumper connection for the power supply onto every available slot but it didn’t seem to do anything. Except some LEDs turned off when I had it on anything except for “USB STL”.
There is an empty battery slot on the back of the board. Do you know if that’s a required power source?

Ok, it worked with another copy of the exact same board!
I guess the first one was just faulty.

On page 26 of this document you can found description about jumpers settings. USB STL seems be OK.