Upload Problems, NUCLEO-H743ZI2

When I try uploading to my board, LED3 flashes red frequently. My upload does not happen, and when I try to manually drip the .bin file, I get an error that the board does not have enough space. Has anyone encountered this or know the solution to this?

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Check this old topic -Not enough space on NUCLEO-WB55RG

Br, Jan

Hello @JohnnyK ,

My Jumper is in the STLINK position but I am still having the same problem.

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There were several topics around this issue in the past, but always with different solution, how I remember.


  • update ST-link firmware and ST-Link drivers
  • no solution found, user identified the board is broken, but I have no info about how it was broken
  • bad settings of jumpers - I also face that, because I change settings for external power supply.

Just for sure try take a multimeter and check if main MCU is correctly powered.

BR, Jan